Individual Therapy
This therapeutic modality, usually a 50-minute session weekly, enables one to deal with a pressing problem or to find one’s way into a deeper understanding of self and self-in-the-world. Life presents us with complicated and tragic events as well as joyous and meaningful relationships and experiences and individual therapy helps us to appreciate the richness of our experience and to resolve the sometimes unhelpful ways we have reacted to what has happened.

Because Dr. Scher has studied and published in the area of gender-aware therapy he is eminently qualified to treat both women and men in therapy. His interest in feminist therapy, as well as feminism and his study in both areas, has helped his clients to understand the effects of their gender roles on their history, current concerns, relationships, and therapy.

Group Therapy
This therapeutic modality, usually a 90-minute session weekly, helps to confront our lives and selves in the presence of a community of others who are also looking for answers and seeking the best way possible to inhabit our lives and histories.

Couples Therapy
This therapeutic modality, usually a 50-minute session weekly, provides an opportunity for couples to explore, understand, and accept the oft-times rich and complex institution that contemporary marriage is. Communication skills and a deeper understanding of what comprises a workable relationship for each couple are emphasized. For couples in marriage, marital-type relationship, or long-term relationship.

Psychotherapy for Artists and Other Creative People
People engaged in the arts, literature, and music have particular problems related to their art and the impediments to producing it. These problems range from the productive to the financial. Some are imported from the outside and others emanate from the personality and psyche of the artist.

Dr. Scher’s long experience working with people in the visual arts, literature, and music enables him to effectively deal with the variety of problems creative people experience and bring to therapy.

Gender Aware Therapy
Although there are many approaches to understanding how individuals function in the world, a very significant one is how the gender roles that are societally created, taught, and maintained inform an individual’s life and behavior.

Therapy with Men
Dr. Scher is a pioneer in the area of psychotherapy with men. Decades ago, Dr. Scher began to question the constricting qualities of the male gender role traditionally practiced in Western culture. In its place, Dr. Scher called for the development of a nonsexist men’s movement, which emphasized a profeminist, gay-affirming, and non-racist conception of masculinity.

Physicians & Health Service Providers
Dr. Scher has more than twenty years experience working with physicians, health service providers, and their families. He has learned the intricacies of these difficult roles as well as acquiring a deep understanding of the pressures and stresses these professionals experience. He has also been actively involved in providing psychotherapy to physicians who are in recovery.

Physicians in Recovery
Dr. Scher has extensive experience treating physicians in recovery from chemical dependence and inappropriate workplace behavior. His understanding of the personal and professional underpinnings of dependence and acting out have been helpful for those in recovery seeking his counsel.

Psychological Supervision
This therapeutic modality, usually a 50-minute session weekly, is an opportunity for psychotherapists to gain a deeper understanding of how they work and how they might improve their functioning through exploration with a psychotherapist with 44 years of experience.

Psychological Consultation
An opportunity to explore issues that require a deft and nuanced understanding of complicated situations in any business, institution, or situation through examination and analysis with a psychotherapist with long experience in helping people step back, review, and resolve thorny problems that require an in-depth knowledge of how people function individually and in groups.