Although there are many approaches to understanding how individuals function in the world, a very significant one is how the gender roles that are societally created, taught, and maintained inform an individual’s life and behavior.

The influence of gender roles is subtle and pervasive. From the very beginning we are molded and directed by culturally imposed roles. For example, how we dress infants affects how they are treated. Little boys are often treated more roughly than little girls. Little girls are allowed, if not encouraged, to embrace to and express their emotionality. Little boys are taught to be emotionally restricted.

The enforced gender roles control a great deal of how we live our lives. Insight into these influences aids individuals in transcending them. Through direct feedback and analysis of behavioral patterns Dr. Scher helps both men and women chart new paths and ways of being in the world with greater freedom from imposed roles.

Because Dr. Scher has studied and published in the area of gender aware therapy he is eminently qualified to treat both women and men in therapy.

His interest in feminist therapy as well as feminism and his study in both areas has helped his clients to understand the effects of their gender roles on their history, current concerns, relationships, and therapy.