When I asked my 83 year old therapist what his approach to therapy was he said, “Independent”. I rather liked that and after more than four decades of practice that is how I would characterize my way of being a therapist.

Experience in therapy is a great teacher for both client and therapist. I believe that psychotherapy is a collective and cooperative endeavor and therefore I put great trust in the wisdom of the client and in my ability to help the client find and realize that wisdom.

As a therapist I am not afraid of pain, grief, sorrow, and knotty problems. I am also not afraid of the absurdity of a good deal of life and embrace the joy and humor that accompany much of what we experience. I like to laugh, be in touch with feelings, think carefully, and connect deeply.

For me psychotherapy is an intense encounter between people that eventuates in the greatest change in the client but also promotes change in the therapist. It is not possible for people to come together in this way without there being an effect on all of them. Research demonstrates that the relationship is the healing modality in therapy and my experience demonstrates that. I am open to such encounters and provide a safe and supportive environment for those who seek me out to consider their lives and all that has brought them to therapy in a productive manner.

My inclination is toward long-term in-depth psychotherapy but I am also available for short-term problem centered difficulties. I am happy to share my expertise and knowledge gleaned after a lot of living and a lot of psychotherapy as both therapist and client.



  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Psychological Supervision
  • Consultation